Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Health and Relaxation Issues

Have you ever had a day where you felt overwhelmed? That you needed a break or a mini get away? These little mini get a way’s are a great way to maintain a womens health and wellness. Let me share a few ideas that have helped me maintain my sanity, even during the craziest times.

Many women are so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget about themselves. This is a big mistake. Because if you don’t have good mental health than every thing will fall apart. You need time to energize and revitalize. Don’t you think it is time that we take care of ourselves? As women we are always wearing so many hats: wife, mother, business women, daughter, friend and lover. We even try to fit in being a carpool mom, room mom, party organizer and entertainment/event coordinator.

When do we take time for us? And when we do, we feel so guilty. I think that most women are martyrs, and we try to do it all. Don’t we deserve some time for us? Men always find time for their golf game, or watching the game, sometimes at home or with the guys. I am not implying that they don’t deserve it! What I am saying is that women need time for themselves, a little mini get away. I know you’re saying to yourself, I don’t have time to go away for a weekend. That’s not what I am asking you to do. I want you to have a mini get away each day.

Next time your feeling the sensation of being overwhelmed I want you to take a break.

-Think about living in the present moment.
-Pick something to do just for you.
-This can be just a little get away in your mind.

Things to Do:
-Sit on the patio or deck, alone with a glass of wine (no interruptions from the children).
-Take a bubble bath, and read a chapter of a book (no multitasking by helping the children with homework).
-Laying in a bubble bath (Mr. Bubbles will do), and light a few candles.
- Relax with music. Many times after my daughter fell to sleep I would turn out the lights, light the candles, and play my French music cod. It was so nice to let my mind relax and unwind and dream. I often left the dishes and laundry till the next day. I even applied a little lavender oil to my wrists to help me relive my trips to France and the time I spent photographing in the lavender fields.

Remember to take time for YOU! It is imperative that you spend time to maintain A womens health and wellness

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vimax patch

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3. The next step will be taking penis enlargement pills which will help you to enlarge your penis from inside of your body.

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Good Luck!

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